Man and animal, Society for Interdisciplinary Research 

(L’Homme et l’Animal, Société de Recherche Interdisciplinaire)

(founded in 1984) 

Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle - Bâtiment d’Anatomie comparée

55, rue Buffon – case postale 56 - 75005 Paris - France 

Tel. : (33) 1 40 79 33 12 - Fax : (33) 1 40 79 33 14 - E-mail : 


Man and animal, Society for Interdisciplinary Research is an association established in 1984 to develop scientific works related to the relationships between man and animal. 

Every year, together with its general assembly, it organises international scientific meetings in France or another European country 

The Service des Publications Scientifiques is the editor of the semi-annual European periodical Anthropozoologica. 

The association is administrated by a committee of six members: 

President : Christine Lefèvre, curator at the MNHN. 

Secretary : Sébastien Lepetz, researcher at the CNRS. 

Treasurer : Jean-Denis Vigne, researcher at the CNRS. 

Elected members: Marie BALASSE, researcher at the CNRS. 

                        Françoise Bader, researcher at the École Pratique des Hautes Études.

                        Jean-Pierre Digard, researcher at the CNRS